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Research Policy

FAMSA WC welcomes and appreciates being approached to participate in research.  Due to capacity limits, we will however, only respond to those requests in line with our current research priorities.


If you have not heard from us within two weeks, please accept we are unable to pursue your proposal.


  • The researcher needs to provide the following:

  • The invitation / request to participate in a research study must be submitted on a letterhead of the academic faculty or research institute or government department.

  • This request must be co-signed by the supervisor or senior researcher.

  • Ethical requirements must be clearly stipulated.

  • It must be confirmed that a copy of the research results will be given to FAMSA.

  • It must be clear from the research method what will be expected from the participants, so that they can make an informed decision regarding their willingness to participate in this research.

  • It must also be clear how FAMSA and the health and welfare profession will benefit from this research, as the participants will be doing this in work time.

  • The research can only proceed after written permission has been granted by the Counselling Manager at FAMSA WC.

  • Please forward your application with the above requirements to

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