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FAMSA Western Cape is a non-profit organisation (NPO) specialising in relationship counselling. We believe that “healthy families create healthy communities” and are the foundation of our society. Secure families provide a favourable environment where family members can develop to their full potential, develop positive identities and form a set of values that serve as a frame of reference for life.

Families come in many forms including: extended families, single parent families, gay couples (with or without children), nuclear families, child headed families, childless couples, cohabiting couples and combined families. FAMSA recognises all forms of family and strives to make a positive impact in our communities through our counselling and support services.


The national leader in services that enhance relationships.



To support individuals, families, organisations, communities and society to build, restore and sustain functional relationships.


Purpose Statement

FAMSA’s purpose is to actively contribute towards the creation of healthy and effective functional families as the cornerstone of a stable prosperous society and nation.


At FAMSA we believe that individuals, families and communities have the potential to change, grow and take responsibility for themselves and that there are diverse types of family life, all of which have the right to be recognized.


FAMSA is committed to:

Quality and excellence of service; Confidentiality; Accessibility to all people and communities; Openness, tolerance and respect; and Non discrimination regarding race, sexual preferences, culture or religious denomination.

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