Divorce Counselling & Services

The decision on whether to end a relationship or to divorce can be difficult and the process can be lonely and painful. Our counsellors are there to support and guide you. We can assist you in making the decision of whether to move on or try to rebuild your relationship.

We are there to help you and your family through this transition and support you and your family as you move forward.

FAMSA has the following services for individuals, couples and Families (Whether you are considering divorce, in the process of divorce, or have divorced):

Divorce Services

Sustainable Return on Investment

Incorporate triple bottom line impacts into your decision-making process. Beyond simple payback, a GreenShape Sustainable Return-on-Investment analysis enables our clients to evaluate the value of environmental and social impacts of specific building design approaches. This allows the broader impacts of to be considered as they relate to organizational or municipal goals.

Portfolio Managment

GreenShape streamlines the sustainability management process across your real estate portfolio. Assets are designed and operated for optimal efficiency, reducing expenditures and mitigating risk for your company.

Strategic Sustainability Planning

GreenShape helps you evaluate your sustainability goals relative to corporate values and operational priorities. Together we’ll develop a sustainability management plan which supports your mission, provides results and enhances your CSR reporting.

Remote Building Performance Monitoring

Once we’ve set up your building’s M&V plan, monitoring your building’s performance for any changes in systems performance is simple. This is helpful for clients who only have a few buildings lack the resources with expertise to monitor building performance data as well as for clients with large portfolios seeking a streamlined, centralized monitoring system.

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