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About Counselling

  • Counselling is offered by trained relationship professionals.

  • It's for people who want to make life changes.

  • The counsellor encourages personal responsibility - if you want to have a loving family and couple relationship, you need to be prepared to make the changes in your own behaviour first to bring this about.

  • A positive attitude can enhance possible changes in the relationship.

  • Change can only take place in small steps.

  • Counselling is not an instant cure, but takes some time.

Your Counsellor will offer you:

  • A safe, containing, confidential, non-judgmental, unbiased, empathic space where you will be heard.

  • Preferably seeing relevant members together so that all can work to resolve issues.

  • The focus will be on interaction in the present and exploring together how the past has an impact on the current situation.

  • The counsellor will facilitate positive change by focusing on strengths and resources.

  • Your counsellor will, together with you, clarify the goals of counselling and how this is approached.

  • Your counsellor will give you feedback about how you are doing.

Your Role:

To put your full energy into the counselling process by:

  • Participating fully, trusting and committing to the process by keeping appointments.

  • To be as honest and open as possible and prepared to listen to enable you to benefit fully from the process.

  • To value and respect yourself and others.

  • Doing homework carefully and continuing the process at home.

  • Asking questions and clarifying any matter that is unclear.

Counselling Services: