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Men Stopping Violence Group

If men don’t “transform” their pain, they will eventually “transfer” their pain.

Men who are abusive towards their intimate partners, want to know why they behave in such a way – they want to understand themselves better.


The Men Stopping Violence Group (MSVG) at FAMSA Western Cape, provide a safe space for men to start their journey of self-exploration to understand why they resort to violence. This is a unique space where men can be open and vulnerable by expressing their feelings of hurt, sadness, anger, guilt and shame.


This group provideschange which comes from inner transformation and conviction. It is the longest standing MSVG in South Africa. From its inception in 1992 until the present day, and through many challenges, FAMSA Western Cape continues to run this weekly men’s group. 


These men have a ripple effect, impacting on the lives of their immediate families and of those who they come into contact with. Once they understand themselves better, they realize that they have a responsibility to help other men liberate themselves from the intergenerational cycle of violence.


Please contact our intake at 021 447 0170 should you be interested in joining the group.

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