Volunteers at Food Bank

Community Outreach

The multifaceted challenges we face in South African communities, needs more than a simple quick fix.  To drive real transformation, we need a multi-layered approach with many role-players.  The surface-level problems families encounter daily, stretch from lack of sufficient services to address mental illness, disabilities, violence in the community and in the home, criminal behaviour, unemployment, homelessness, addictions, chronic disease and isolation. 

At FAMSA WC our contribution to resolving these issues is to look deeper, and start at the foundation or core of society – by addressing real problems within the family and relationships.  Our community intervention is based on a counselling and psycho-educational approach,  building and restoring functionality in relationships as a starting point for building inspired and motivated communities.

The societal problems seem overwhelming, but working together, we can inspire and drive the changes needed for improvement of peoples lives. 



Current Community Projects: