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FAMSA Counselling

We offer various counselling services.


We offer various counselling services.


Counselling Services

Our Caring and Supportive Counsellors are there for you, every step of the way.  Visit one of our offices or speak to a counsellor online.

Distanced Couple

Divorce Services

The decision on whether to end a relationship or to divorce can be difficult and the process can be lonely and painful. Our counsellors are there to support and guide you. We can assist you in making the decision of whether to move on or try to rebuild your relationship.

We are there to help you and your family through this transition and support you and your family as you move forward.

Support Group

Men Stopping Violence Group

The Men Stopping Violence Group (MSVG) at FAMSA Western Cape, provide a safe space for men to start their journey of self-exploration to understand why they resort to violence. This is a unique space where men can be open and vulnerable by expressing their feelings of hurt, sadness, anger, guilt and shame.

NEW:  Online Counselling

You can book your online counselling session on our client portal.  Book a counsellor that suits your needs at a date and time that works for you.

About Counselling

  • Counselling is offered by trained relationship professionals.

  • It's for people who want to make life changes.

  • The counsellor encourages personal responsibility - if you want to have a loving family and couple relationship, you need to be prepared to make the changes in your own behaviour first to bring this about.

  • A positive attitude can enhance possible changes in the relationship.

  • Change can only take place in small steps.

  • Counselling is not an instant cure, but takes some time.

The Counselling Process

  • Provides a safe, containing, confidential, non-judgmental, unbiased, empathic space where you will be heard.

  • Creates opportunity to see relevant members together so that all can work to resolve issues.

  • The focus will be on interaction in the present and exploring together how the past has an impact on the current situation.

  • The counsellor will facilitate positive change by focusing on strengths and resources.

  • Your counsellor will, together with you, clarify the goals of counselling and how this is approached.

  • Your counsellor will give you feedback about how you are doing.

Your Role in Counselling

To put your full energy into the counselling process by:

  • Participating fully, trusting and committing to the process by keeping appointments.

  • To be as honest and open as possible and prepared to listen to enable you to benefit fully from the process.

  • To value and respect yourself and others.

  • Doing homework carefully and continuing the process at home.

  • Asking questions and clarifying any matter that is unclear.


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Observatory Office

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