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Men Stopping Violence Group

Domestic violence has been recognised and addressed by Famsa Western Cape since 1988 when the importance of working with both perpetrators and survivors of domestic violence was highlighted. Traditional couple counselling approaches were not adequate to effectively deal with the levels of violence perpetrated against women and children in families.  Also, working with women only did not effectively ensure their safety.  Thus FAMSA initiated the first therapeutic service to perpetrators of domestic violence.


The Men Stopping Violence Group (MSVG) was born out of this multifaceted approach to assisting victims of domestic violence.  Implemented since February 1991, The Men Stopping Violence Group provides perpetrators with a therapeutic space which promotes non-violent behaviours. Experience has shown that group work is the best option in working with the perpetrator.

Objectives of the programme


  • To guide the perpetrator in moving away from violent and abusive behaviour.

  • To help the perpetrator achieve non-violent, equality-based relationships.

  • To provide specialized intervention projects for the perpetrator.

  • To work collaboratively with the justice system in pursuing court-mandated project involvement as a condition of sentence, and not as a diversionary alternative.

  • To engage the domestic violence perpetrator in a programme for mandated period of at least 24 weeks.

  • To promote perpetrator accountability by adding a monetary value to the service they engage in and receive.

Programme principles


The most important guiding principles that underlie this programme are;


  • The reality that battering kills and that women are more likely to die as a result of being injured by their intimate partner than in a car accident.  A study by the MRC found that 56% of women that are murdered are killed by their intimate partner.

  • That victim safety must be ensured, enshrined and pursued as a primary issue.

Programme information


Observatory Cape Town


  • Thursday evenings


17h00 – 18h30


Contact our appointments line at 021 447 0170

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