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Conditions for Training Registration


1.  Bookings and Payment


  1. There are a limited amount of seats per course (different for each course).

  2. Please note that we will only finalize your registration once payment reflects in our account.

  3. Kindly note that your registration is dependent on the training numbers for the training.

  4. We will register participants on a first-paid-first book basis.

  5. Should you make payment for a course that is already full you will be given the option of new dates (when available) or the option for a refund.

  6. Please book online or email your registration form to .

  7. Kindly ensure that you receive an email acknowledgement of your registration.

  8. Closing date: 10 days before commencement of the course.

  9. You will receive and invoice by email.

  10. Pleas ensure that your email address is correct on your registration.

  11. Please use your INVOICE NUMBER as reference for payment and email us PROOF of PAYMENT.

  12. Proof of payment needs to be emailed to at least 10 days before the training.

  13. Please contact us to inquire about availability should you pass the 10 day period for booking and payment.

  14. Full course fee should be paid into FAMSA’s account:Bank:                                   

ABSA Bank (Claremont)

Type:                                     Cheque

Branch Code:                        421-109

Account No:                          360 322 572

Reference:                             Your Name & Surname


2.  Cancellations and Refunds


  1. We reserve the right to cancel a course.  The full fee will be refunded.

  2. Should a training not have sufficient registration numbers and be cancelled you will be entitled to a full refund or have the option to register for the next available training.

  3. Please note that the course fee, less 50% will be refundable in the event of cancellation by the participant (registered person) less than 10-days prior to commencement of the course.

  4. No refunds will be made in the event of cancellations on the day of or after a training.

3.  Refreshments (face-to-face training only):


  1. Refreshments will be served for full-day training held at the FAMtrac Training Centre unless otherwise specified.

  2. We do not cater for any special dietary requirements.

  3. We recommend bringing your own lunch should you have any special dietary requirements.


4.  Attendance and Certificates


  1. Please be advised that in order to receive a certificate – participants will need to attend the full course / workshop from start to finish.  Non-attendance will impact on your own and the group’s learning.

  2. Face-to-face training start at 09:00 and end at 16:00 unless otherwise specified.

  3. Times for online training will be specified.

  4. Please arrange to arrive on time for training.  Kindly take traffic and public transport times in mind when planning your travel to the training venue.

  5. Participants are requested to arrive at least 30 (thirty) minutes before the start of the training.

  6. For online training, kindly login with the link provided at least five minutes before the online session is scheduled.

  7. We can unfortunately not allow participation if you arrive more than an hour late on the first day of face-to-face training or 20 minutes late for online training.  Late arrivals more will not be allowed on following training days.

  8. You will forfeit the full course fee should you arrive later than reasonably allowed (as stated above).  We will not refund training fees for late arrivals.

  9. On completion of the full training you will be emailed an attendance certificate.

  10. Please ensure that your email address on this form is correct and legible.

  11. Certificates are usually issued within 14-days of completing a training unless in cases where a Portfolio of Evidence/Activities to be submitted by participants need to be reviewed.

  12. An evaluation form needs to be completed for each course in order to receive a certificate.  Forms will only be fallible for 7-days after the last day of the course.  No further evaluations will be accepted after the 7-day period lapsed. 

  13. FAMtrac only issues electronic certificates.

  14. Printed certificates can be issued at additional cost to the participant.

  15. Certificates will note the amount of time attended out of total training hours/days.

  16. Participants need to attend at least 80% of online courses to complete the course. 

  17. Non-attendance of a period of online sessions will only be permitted in cases of unexpected load-shedding or internet outages.

  18. We may require you to send proof that you had an outage as per 4.16 above.

  19. Please prepare for load-shedding and possible internet outages and have backup options available.

  20. We will record online sessions in cases of load-shedding and unexpected internet outages (recordings are only used for this purpose), please refer to (7.) below.

5.  CPD


In order for professionals to claim CPD (Continual Professional Development) points please note the following:

  1. The Council(s) or Board(s) that awarded the points to the activity. 

    1. We will clearly state the council awarding CPD points for the activity or training as well as the amount of points awarded.

  2. In cases where an application is still pending results from the council(s) we will indicate this.  Please note that we cannot guarantee the amount of points for pending applications or that the training will receive CPD points.

  3. The content of each activity needs to be within the professional’s scope of practice.

  4. Professionals need to be familiar with the CPD guidelines for their respective Council/ Board.

  5. In order to be issued with a CPD certificate, the professional attending the activity needs to ensure she/he completes the Attendance Registers for each day and the Evaluation Form at the end of the activity as well as any other required forms for the specific training.

  6. Professionals need to complete the full activity in order to be issued with a CPD certificate.

    1. We cannot issue a partial amount of points if you do not complete the full training.

  7. Should a professional be registered with a different professional council/board than the one awarding the CPD points; it is the professionals responsibility to ensure the activity will be ‘cross-recognized’ by their own council/board.

  8. Professionals need to ensure that FAMSA/FAMtrac has their correct personal details and professional registration number for the CPD certificate.

  9. Professionals need to ensure that FAMSA/FAMtrac has their correct email address and contact details.

  10. Professionals will be issued with an electronic CPD- and attendance certificate by email.

  11. In cases where CPD points are still pending, a participant may request an attendance register or attendance certificate.  A CPD certificate will be issued once points have been received.

  12. Professionals need to ensure safe keeping of their CPD certificate as a new one will be issued at a administrative cost.

  13. Any outstanding payment for the activity needs to be paid in full before FAMSA can issue a certificate.

  14. An evaluation form needs to be completed for each course in order to receive a certificate.  Forms will only be fallible for 7-days after the last day of the course.  No further evaluations will be accepted after the 7-day period lapsed. 

  15. You need to complete all course requirements to receive a CPD certificate.


6.  Training Venue (face-to-face training)


  1. FAMtrac trainings will be facilitated at the FAMtrac Training Centre unless otherwise specified:

  2. FAMSA Office, 9 Bowden Road ,Observatory

  3. Parking (at own risk) available at our training venue.

  4. Limited on-site parking available, street parking also available in the area.

  5. FAMSA WC will not be held accountable for any damage or theft to vehicle, property or injury to self.

7.  Recording of online sessions

  1. Live online sessions are recorded as back-up for unexpected load-shedding and internet outages.

  2. Recording will not be sent for course revision purposes and only as a back-up for unexpected load-shedding and internet outages.

  3. You will need to request the recording by email within 48hrs of the session from

  4. Recordings are only made in the main online room and not in break-out rooms.

  5. Recordings will be deleted within 48hrs of the session if not requested.

  6. In the case that recordings are requested they will be uploaded to Youtube as an unlisted video and a link sent.  Please do not share this link with anyone.

  7. Please note requested recordings will need to be processed and uploaded and is sent within 1-2 days after requested.

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