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Image by Trac Vu

Employee Wellness Program

Like the pebble that is cast in the pond, we rarely see nor are aware of just how far the ripple effect will expand.

At the heart of just about any work related problem is a dysfunctional relationship. Dysfunctional because one or both parties are unable to effectively communicate or resolve the problem at hand. The picture becomes more complicated when the boundaries between work and home life become blurred.

It is often very difficult for employees to separate work and home life with the respective issues.

Dysfunctional relationships make for unproductive employees.

With this framework in mind FAMSA has been able to add exceptional value to any Employee Wellness Program as FAMSA’s core business is relationships.

In all that we do, it comes down to a few simple principles that add immense value to the work place.  We enable people to:

  • Listen

  • Understand

  • Resolve Conflict

  • Problem solve

In so doing we believe that FAMSA’s Employee Wellness Program is impacting on multiple systems.  We usually work with the employee, group or perhaps even the employee and their family.  But they in turn will be part of the larger work environment.

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