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Image by Matheus Ferrero

Employee Wellness Program

FAMSA Western Cape has developed a distinctive competence in supervision. We have recently trained 77 of the Department of social development’s supervisors in supervision theory and practice. The supervision addresses:

  • Supportive supervision

  • Educational supervision

  • Administrative supervision

  • The national supervisory frame work, incorporating norms and standards

Our Basic Lay Counselling Course can be adapted and condensed to meet your companies’ needs with a two, three or four day option. This training program is designed to equip managers, supervisors and peer counsellors with the core skills for assisting troubled employees. It covers special work-related issues, such as:

  • Confrontation and conflict resolution

  • The supportive role of a manager

  • Trauma in the work place

  • Dealing with retrenchment

  • Dealing with sexual harassment

  • Dealing with personal and work stress

Like the pebble that is cast in the pond, we rarely see nor are aware of just how far the ripple effect will expand.

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