Trauma Debriefing & Support

Trauma is an unfortunate reality of living in our society.

Trauma occurs when we are exposed to a life threatening event.  It often has devastating effects on our life.  Trauma can have a range of short term and long term effects, not always only on the individual who has experienced the trauma but also at times on those close to the person.  We sometimes are not aware of these effects until much later.

Trauma is usually an experience we would prefer to forget.  Unfortunately this is not always possible or helpful.  Intervention can be of great help after you have experienced trauma. Talking about the traumatic event in a safe and supportive environment with a warm, understanding and non-judgmental counsellor can help you deal with the effects of the trauma.  We can help you make sense of the traumatic experience, looking at why we react the way we do and why our bodies react as they do.  Our counsellors will help you to look at how to cope with the effects of the traumatic event and how to start the healing process. 

Let us help you take your life back

We understand that talking about trauma can be painful at times.  Our counsellors are there for you to help make the process of healing an enriching one.  We offer trauma defusing, trauma debriefing, and trauma counselling for those who are affected by trauma.

We can assist you in dealing with trauma whether it happened recently or years ago.  The affects of trauma can be long lasting.  Starting the process of healing is of benefit to yourself as well as those you love.  We can help you identify and come to terms with the feelings you experience during and after the traumatic event.

Trauma can change us.  It can leave us feeling angry and fearful, often hurting those close to us and avoiding the things and people we love.  Take control of your life by talking to one of our counsellors and starting the healing process.

We are there for you and those nearest to you.  Whether you have been through a traumatic experience yourself, or want to find help for someone close to you.  

Trauma and your business:

Businesses can be greatly affected by trauma.  Robberies and hi-jacking are an all, too familiar fear for any business owner, manager and employee.  Trauma can have a devastating effect on the productivity of any business.  

We understand that experiencing a traumatic event can affect the performance of employees and employers alike.  FAMSA understands that as a caring employer you want your employees to be the best they can be.  We can assist you and your business in helping to bring about healing for you and your employees after a traumatic event.

We are there for you and your business.  Whether you want to take care of the well-being of your employees or perhaps have been through a traumatic experience as an employer. Read more about how we can help your bussiness.