Starting and Running your Private Practice

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Professional training programs typically don’t include business modules or preparation for private practice. This workshop provides an overview, which aims to assist participants to develop an understanding of strategic and operational aspects of starting and running a private practice. It also promotes and enables related and personal reflection, decision-making and planning.


Please note

This workshop is aimed at trainee and registered:

  •  Social workers
  •  Psychologists
  •  Psychiatric nurses
  •  Ministers of religion
  •  Professional counselors



Kindly note that bookings for this training need to be made at least 10 days prior to the first day of training.  Please forward proof of payment to in order to finalize your booking. 

Please Click Here for our Bookings and Payment guidelines.

Learning Outcomes: 
  • Elements of strategic thinking and planning
  • Marketing components and considerations
  • Operational scope and related requirements and infrastructure (e.g. procedures, resources)
  • Professional requirements and related needs and resources (e.g. registration/s, continuing development and support)
  • Common concerns and challenges
  • Self-assessment and related support and development needs
Course Outline: 
  • Differentiate strategic and operational aspects of starting and running a private practice
  • Appreciate that there are required, recommended, and preferred aspects of starting and running a private practice
  • Draft a vision and mission statement
  • Identify and develop marketing components and content
  • Define operating policies, procedures and infrastructure
  • Identify and comply with professional requirements, and select from available and optional approaches and suppliers
  • Recognise some specific - and some possible - attributes of and influences on their relationship with money
  • Identify personal and business development needs, resources, and steps to address
Price: R750.00