Sexual Couns. in Couple Rel.

Sexual Counselling within the Couple Relationship


Talking about sex was historically seen as a taboo topic. For many counsellors talking about sex is still a very uncomfortable topic. A topic that often gets overlooked or tactfully overlooked. The sexual relationship plays a vital part in the couple relationship. It is therefore useful to routinely inquire about sexual functioning in the couple relationship. This gives permission for a couple to discuss sex. Counsellors need to have a sufficient understanding of sexual functioning and sexual problems in order to know how to facilitate a sexual discussion and when to refer a couple to the appropriate professional. Sexual problems do not always reflect a physiological problem, but can often mirror the couple relationship. There needs to be considerable trust before the sexual relationship can be explored in counselling.


Please note

  • A minimum requirement to attend this training is the Basic Counselling Skills 1 and 2 trainings or a recognized Basic Counselling skills training. 
  • Recognition of non FAMtrac trainings will be considered on an individual basis.



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Learning Outcomes: 

By the end of this workshop participants should be able to:

  • Have a basic understanding of the dynamics of sex
  • Have a working understanding of the anatomy of the male and female sexual organs
  • Have a basic understanding of normal sexual functioning
  • Describe the most prevalent sexual problems
  • Have a basic understanding of conducting a psychosexual assessment
  • Recognise when and how to refer couples and individuals
  • Demonstrate a level of comfort in working with couples who are experiencing sexual difficulty
Course Outline: 
  • Looking closer at the male and female sexual organs
  • Defining sex negativity
  • The role, function and purpose of sex
  • What is considered normal sexual functioning
  • The normal sexual response cycle versus problems with the sexual response cycle
  • Looking at the most prevalent sexual problems
  • The aims of sex therapy
  • Understanding a basic psychosexual assessment
  • Doing a basic psychosexual assessment
  • Understanding limitations: when to refer
  • Defining intimacy
  • Understanding and working with the sensual body
Price: R1,400.00