A company’s employees are there most valuable asset.  Unhappy employees however can also be your greatest liability.  All individuals will at some point face a situation that will overwhelm their normal coping mechanisms. Counselling is an effective way to support the individual to gain perspective and once again feel in control.  Our counsellors are able to support your employees to return to their full potential.

Here are some of the ways this can be accomplished:

  • It remains the prerogative of the employer to decide how many sessions per employee per year they would allocate.
  • All requests for EWP counselling sessions are coordinated by FAMSA head office.
  • Sessions will be scheduled for employees at a FAMSA satellite office which is convenient for them in terms of travelling and time.
  • The first session is approximately one and a half hours.
  • If further sessions are needed each follow up session will be one hour.