Marriage Preparation and Enrichment

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Getting married is always an exciting rite of passage. First there is the engagement which brings a whirlwind of magic and a newfound status as fiancé and fiancée. Then there is planning the wedding, where you start planning for the day that you will make one of the greatest commitments of your life. With all the anticipation, we sometimes neglect to focus on preparing for married life. Preparing for you future together is one of the most important choices a couple can make. FAMSA can help you plan for your life together.

Our counsellors are trained in helping you explore your relationship. With your counsellor, you will explore the areas in your relationship that need some growth. Your counsellor will help you find ways in making this growth happen, through fun and practical exercises. FAMSA offers an Internationally-used Program, designed to help you develop a strong and growing relationship. Through this program you will learn, as a couple, to share your feelings and ideas and develop the necessary skills to work together to achieve your goals.


Marriage can be challenging at times. Unfortunately we do not always achieve the happiness we want from our marriage. At times we neglect exploring our relationship with our partner. Marriage, like a growing plant, needs continuous nurturing, support and love to keep it growing. We can help you grow and nurture your relationship. Our counsellors will help you explore the areas in your relationship, which might need some growth. We can guide you, through fun and interactive exercises, to build your relationship.

FAMSA offers an Internationally-used Couple Enrichment Programme for married couples and co-habiting couples. The program will assist you, as a couple, to build on your strengths and deal with problematic areas of your relationship more effectively. The programme facilitates increased communication skills, helping you to increase your intimacy.