Domestic Violence Counselling

At FAMSA, we realise that domestic violence affects many families with devastating effects.  Many of us go through this in silence.  We often fear what others might think or say or whether the people we confide in will believe us.  We are also sometimes scared of further abuse, should our partner find out.  We may fear for the safety of our families.

It has been widely publicised that one in every three South African Women are beaten by their intimate partners, and almost 400 women are killed by their partners each year.  It is accepted that South Africa has the highest rate of femicide on the African continent, and the highest incidence of rape worldwide.

These alarming figures have called FAMSA into action to assist individuals, couples, families and communities affected by domestic violence.  Domestic violence has been recognized and addressed by us since 1988 when the importance of working with both perpetrators and victims of domestic violence was highlighted. 

How we can help you:

  • Counselling and support for victims of domestic violence.
  • Counselling for perpetrators of domestic violence.
  • Group treatment programmes for men who are violent towards their partners through our MSVG programme.

We also offer the following:

  • Domestic violence awareness projects for youth.  To find our more click here.
  • Community awareness programmes.
  • Training of other professionals. To find our more about our trainings, please visit our FAMtrac Trainings page.

FAMSA has professional counselling offices in Observatory, Bellville and Khayelitsha, to assist men, women and children exposed to violence in their homes.  These offices offer private and confidential counselling for victims of domestic violence, their children and families, whilst also offering group treatment programmes for men who are perpetrators of domestic violence.

Additionally, FAMSA’s satellite offices in Dunoon, Joe Slovo Park, Mitchell’s Plain, Elsiesriver and Factreton, along with the Khayelitsha office, offer free education and awareness workshops for youth at several schools.