CPD - About

Many professional Councils and Boards require professionals to obtain a certain amount of Continued Professional Development (CPD) Points per annum.

Some of our FAMSA and FAMtrac trainings, workshops and other events carry points towards CPD. 

In order for professionals to claim these points they need to be aware of the following:

  • The Council/s or Board/s that awarded the points to the activity. 
  • The amount of points awarded to the respective activity.
  • The content of each activity needs to be within the professional’s scope of practice.
  • Professionals need to be familiar with the CPD guidelines for their respective Council/ Board.
  • In order to be issued with a CPD certificate, the professional attending the activity needs to ensure s/he completes the Attendance Registers for each day and the Evaluation Form at the end of the activity.
  • Professionals need to complete the full activity in order to be issued with a CPD certificate.
  • Should a professional be registered with a different professional council/board than the one awarding the CPD points; it is the professionals responsibility to ensure the activity will be ‘cross-recognized’ by their own council/board.
  • Professionals need to ensure that FAMSA/FAMtrac has their correct personal details and professional registration number for the CPD certificate.
  • Professionals will be issued with an electronic CPD and attendance certificate by email.
  • Professionals need to ensure that FAMSA/FAMtrac has their correct email address and contact details.
  • Professionals need to ensure safe keeping of their CPD certificate as a new one will not be issued.
  • Any outstanding payment for the activity needs to be paid up in full before FAMSA can issue a certificate.


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